No one ever plans on getting arrested. Whether you have broken a law, or were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, finding yourself behind bars means that you want to get out of the situation quickly and quietly, while sparing the privacy of yourself, your friends and your family.

For those desiring a discreet arrest, many people ask:

Can a person post a bail bond for themselves?

Yes, but only in some circumstances.

You may be eligible if this is your first arrest. Other factors include how “”stable”” your day to day life is. For example, if you’ve been an otherwise upstanding member of the community (such as having lived in the area for a while or own a house with equity), have a stable job and have a good credit score, then these factors may make you eligible to be the sole co-signer on your bail bond. Additionally, if your house’s equity is equal to or greater than your bail amount, it greatly improves your chance to get a bond without another signer.

If you don’t have all of these credentials in place, there could be a problem. Being unemployed, having unstable credit, or no ties to the area or friends and family about, then the bondsmen will need a third party source outside of jail to help you arrange your bail bond posting.

For the best outcome, be honest.

Being upfront with your bail bondsman will be beneficial if they decide to help you without the necessity of a co-signer, so when they request a credit report and a property report, do what you can on your end to provide this information in a timely and efficient manner before it becomes too late.

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