Everyone should know their legal rights and bail bond options should they ever be arrested for a crime, guilty or not. Bail Bonds Reviews shares a little education on knowing what to do when you need a Las Vegas bail bond. These are the essential facts you should know.

Bail bonds are divided into two groups and four types. The two groups are state and federal bonds. The crime committed will determine the group of bond issued, and the requirements vary state to state. The four types of bail bonds are:

* Behavior bonds
* Cash bonds
* Property bonds
* Surety bonds – These types of bonds are handled by a bond agent.

Bail Bond Facts To Remember

The judge determines (or can deny) the bail, and it will depend on circumstances of the defendant’s crime, such as whether they can be determined as a threat to society or their potential of not appearing for their court date. To prevent fleeing, the bonded must sign an order saying they will not attempt to skip their court date, which is further insured by cash and/or property based collateral. There also are performance-based bonds, that lay out conditions for release.

If a friend or family member co-signs to bail the defendant out, they must guarantee the charged person will appear in court, otherwise, the co-signer will be penalized for the defendant’s failure to appear in court.

Bond schedules are predetermined, which ensures that a bond agent can change the fee rates as they see fit, and a certain percentage of the bond is non-refundable. Additionally, certain bail bond laws determine that bail must be raised with a requisite amount of time, placing limits on the period in which the bond can be raised.

Further, defendants that fail to comply with the guidelines of their bail can result in further arrests or be held in contempt of the court. This is why it is important to comply with your bail bondsman in order to get the most out of your bail time and court hearing.

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