Research the best bail bond companies in Las Vegas
Research the best bail bond companies in Las Vegas

If you have ever wondered about the processes behind what happens with a bail bond service, let’s talk about some of those factors.

In instances where someone is jailed and a judge does not release a person for concern of fleeing their trial or becoming a threat to the community, the defendant must rely on family or friends in order to post bail. At this stage, a las vegas bail bondsman is contacted. The bail bondsman will need information on the accused, such as a profile, the defendant’s occupation, and their police record to see what their “risk” liability is. The person that bails out the accused must agree beforehand to pay the bond if the suspect flees, and once satisfied, the bondsman goes to the courthouse and pays the bond.

For whatever reason that a defendant does not make their court appearance, law then declares the accused a fugitive. The bail-bonding agency now has two choices: Either track down the now fugitive, or reimburse the court for the bond amount.

In these instances, bond agents in Las Vegas make use of a security fund that are utilized for such situations. This is a requirement for bond agents, as they take most of the risk for bonds on fugitives, and insurers only cover the fees if bondsmen are unable to cover the bond. Otherwise, bond agents go after a fugitive’s assets as compensation.

Bond agents do not play the role of “superhero” and go after fugitives themselves. They retain the services of a bounty hunter (as the National Association of Bail Enforcement Agents advises) to capture the accused.

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