This suspect will need a bail bond.
This suspect will need a bail bond.

Getting arrested is an unfortunate event that no one ever wants to happen; and in turn, no one can ever really plan for it. However, when a law has been broken, it is best to understand the reality of the situation and take the steps necessary to know your rights and stay out of jail until your court day arrives. For those new to this process, this post will explain how a bail bond works and tell you why it is so important to have.

When someone is arrested on the suspicion of a crime, the individual will be taken into police custody. Once booked, the suspected individual spends time in jail, but can be released if he or she works to get a bail bond.

What is bail, exactly? The court sets the monetary price value of the bail, and the bailing process includes a financial arrangement made by a bail bonding agency on the behalf of a criminal defendant. The bail bond agency, which acts for the defendant, makes an arrangement with the court to have the detained individual released from jail for the exchange of money or related collateral (such as bonds, property, or related assets). This bond works as a surety that keeps the individual out of jail until the time of the court date.

From this point on, the bail agency is now the responsible party to make sure that the alleged suspect appears in court on the day of their trial. If in the instance that the accused does not make a court appearance, the bail agency then has the option to employ a bounty hunter in order to track the defendant, who is now considered a fugitive. Additionally, the bondsman now has the right to sue the defendant for failure to appear in court. The important thing to make your bond work property and stay out of jail is to show up to your scheduled court date at your appointed time.

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