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Bail bonds are a certificate that act as cash and are paid to the court in order to allow a suspect to return to the community until their trial date occurs. Bail bonds are utilized In the instances where a suspect is not able to raise the bail through their own personal financial means or are unable to gain support through family or friends.

Where does a bail bond company come in?  The bail bond company puts up the defendant’s bail for a fee on the contingency that the accused will make their ordered appearance in court. In the event that the defendant does not show up, or the accused flees, the bond agency must pay the court and the court keeps the bail. Additionally, a warrant will be issued for the defendant’s arrest.

There are three types of bonds that are issued out:

* Cash bonds – These require upfront payment upfront and are the most effective for ensuring that a suspect to shows up in court.

* Surety bonds – These require the bond agent to guarantee payment in the event that the defendant makes an escape.

* Property bonds – Similar to the surety bond, but in this instance the court puts a lien on the defendant’s property.

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